Simple, distinct, profound: elemental reflections of the men and women our brand is designed for. There is only 1 of her. She's unique, stylish, and desires to be her own person. We at One Origin indulge in the wealth of beauty in the world around us: natural forms entangled in urban sophistication. Our pieces adorn the wearer with a unique voice through which she can express her beliefs about herself, her world, her direction, and her sense of style. She makes no excuses for attaining the best. She is one of a kind. She is One Origin.


We at One Origin are conscious of the environmentally destructive and socially unethical practices of the jewelry industry and precious stone trade. In our transparency, we strive to contribute to the reshaping of the industry by using the most ethical sources available. We assure you that our team is continually innovating new modes of sustainability within the field of jewelry design. With One Origin, you can be sure that each piece is made with 100% post-consumer metals and ethically acquired stones. Each piece made to the highest quality by local artisans and craftsmen here in the United States.


Designer Viviana Langhoff is committed to designs that are smart, responsible and truly one-of-a kind. Ranging from casual street fashion, to wedding and heirloom pieces, she focuses her abilities on making signature jewelry for every occasion. She draws much of her influence from art, poetry, history and travel. Her love of cultural and religious traditions experienced in Northern Africa, Spain and Latin America are apparent in her work and continues to expand the breath of her designs. As an alumnus of the prestigious School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Viviana’s fine art background continues to push her to explore new territories within the realm of fine jewelry by rethinking design and, even more, what jewelry can become.